What are the advantages of

1. Saving Energy

Less costs of energy due to better isolation: The improved space bar convinces through optimal thermal resistance of heat transfer. The heat transfer coefficient reduces at least 0.1 W/m2K compared to normal separators of aluminum. Decreases to 0.3 W/m2K are possible. The result: the high-tech space bar SWISSPACER can save up to 5% of energy expenditures. This saves your money - and a smaller emission of CO2 - the environment.


The better isolation characteristics of SWISSPACER achieve higher temperatures near to the glass. This reduces the danger of condensation preventing mold in the window, which is harmful to health. At the same time higher temperatures close to the glass mean that there is less radiation of cold air, thereby generating a good room comfort and a healthy living environment

3.Environmental protection

Less need for heat due to better insulation means saving Primary Energy. This relieves the environment in several ways. Energy, which is not required, must not be supported, transported, processed and delivered .This is not only saving resources, but also lowering in all aspects the emission of CO2. The space bar SWISSPACER also protects the environment when it is produced and also later when it will be disposed, because it is 100% recyclable.


With SWISSPACER you can optimize every window or front regarding style. The attractive look is velvety and matt without glossy metallic effects.

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